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Paper: Clusters at Redshift beyond 1.5 in the COSMOS Field
Volume: 399, Panoramic Views of Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Page: 380
Authors: Salvato, M.; Guzzo, G.; Finoguenov, A.; Giodini, S.; Scoville, N.; Hasinger, G.; Aussel, H.; Ilbert, O.; Capelluti, N.; Brusa, M.; Iovino, A.; Kodama, T.; Taniguchi, Y.
Abstract: Clusters of galaxies are the regions of largest mass assembly, characterized by different evolutionary time-scales compared to the field and where a strong interaction between galaxies and their environment are existing. Thus, clusters provide us with well-defined probes to understand how environment influences galaxy formation and evolution in situ at large look-back times. This motivated strong efforts to discover clusters at increasingly large redshifts. Still, the total number of spectroscopically confirmed clusters at z > 1 is disappointingly small (< 15). Only 4 are known at z > 1.25, with the current record-holding object located at z = 1.45 (Stanford et al., 2006). This motivated the search for them in the COSMOS field.
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