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Paper: M 87 Globular Cluster System
Volume: 399, Panoramic Views of Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Page: 471
Authors: Kim, S.; Tamura, N.; Yoon, S.J.; Sohn, S. T.; Arimoto, N.; Kodama, T.; Yamada, Y.; Chung, C.; Yun, K.; Kim, H.S.; Lee, Y.W.; Rey, S.C.
Abstract: We present spectra of more than 100 globular clusters (GCs) associated with the Virgo giant elliptical galaxy M87, obtained using the Subaru/ FOCAS MOS mode. We derive ages, metallicities and abundance ratios from the GC spectra using Simple Stellar Population (SSP) models. The properties of GCs acquired from the spectra will be used to test the recent theoretical prediction of a significant inflection along the colour-metallicity relations (Yoon et al. 2006). If confirmed, the non-linearity of the relations would shed new light on the interpretation of the GC colour bimodality. The robustness of our results are being tested against the choice of a SSP model, measurement errors and sample selection towards the goal of better understanding the formation history of GCs and host galaxy.
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