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Paper: Instruments with Many Dichroic Mirrors and CCDs
Volume: 399, Panoramic Views of Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Page: 491
Authors: Doi, M.; Hayano, J.; Utsunomiya, H.; Ihara, Y.; Tokita, K.; Takanashi, N.; Sako, S.; Okamura, S.; Morokuma, T.; Furusawa, H.; Komiyama, Y.; Yagi, M.; Okada, N.; Arai, A.; Uemura, M.; Kawabata, K.; Yamashita, T.; Osugi, T.; Abe, M.; Hasegawa, S.
Abstract: We developed a 15-band simultaneous imager called a Dichroic Mirror Camera (DMC) using many dichroic mirrors. DMC covers a wide optical wavelength range (390-930nm) in 15 intermediate bands. We successfully got the first light at the 1.5-m Kanata telescope in May 2007. The field of view is about 4 arcmin in diameter with 0.27arcsec/pixel. Optical performance of DMC was satisfactory to carry out astronomical observations. We also discuss possible extensions of DMC as a spectrograph with a grism mode and multibands Fabry-Perot mode as well as future photometric redshift surveys.
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