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Paper: Image Unveilings and Library Exhibits: IYA Outreach Projects for Audiences Old and New
Volume: 400, Preparing for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy: A Hands-on Symposium
Page: 213
Authors: Summers, F.; Smith, D.; Stoke, J.; Eisenhamer, B.; the Great Observatories Image Unveilings
Abstract: The Office of Public Outreach at STScI is leading several major projects for the International Year of Astronomy. We are continuing our previous, and extremely successful, mural-sized image unveilings at approximately 100 planetariums, museums, and schools across the country. Further, this program is being extended to feature images from all of NASA’s Great Observatories for a multi-wavelength understanding of the cosmos. In addition, we are reaching out to new audiences by creating a traveling exhibit that will elucidate and celebrate the 400 years of telescopic astronomy. This colorful and engaging exhibit will tour 40 select libraries during 2009–2010, and is a collaboration with the American Library Association and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.
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