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Paper: High-resolution Interferometric Observations of Nova RS Ophiuchi and a Proposed Unification Model for Persistent Dust Creation in Recurrent Novae
Volume: 401, RS Ophiuchi (2006) and the Recurrent Nova Phenomenon
Page: 235
Authors: Barry, R.K.; Danchi, W.C.
Abstract: We review observations of nova RS Ophiuchi using long-baseline near-infrared and mid-infrared interferometry at three observatories: the Keck Interferometer in the Nulling mode (KIN), the Palomar Testbed Interferometer (PTI), and the Infrared and Optical Telescope Array (IOTA). We discuss these observations in the context of a unifying model of the system that includes an increase in density in the plane of the orbit of the two stars created by a spiral shock wave caused by the motion of the stars through the cool wind of the red giant star. We discuss how recent observations using the Spitzer Space Telescope and the VLTI support this proposed model.
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