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Paper: Swift Observations of Shock Evolution in RS Ophiuchi
Volume: 401, RS Ophiuchi (2006) and the Recurrent Nova Phenomenon
Page: 269
Authors: Bode, M.F.; Osborne, J.P.; Page, K.L.; Beardmore, A.P.; O’Brien, T.J.; Ness, J.-U.; Starrfield, S.; Skinner, G.K.; Darnley, M.J.; Drake, J.J.; Evans, A.; Eyres, S.P.S.; Krautter, J.; Schwarz, G.
Abstract: Our Swift observations of RS Oph form an unprecedented X-ray dataset to undertake investigations of both the central source and the interaction of the outburst ejecta with the circumstellar environment. Over the first month, the XRT data are dominated by emission from rapidly evolving shocks. We discuss the differences in derived parameters from those found for RXTE at early times and the evolution of the X-ray emission to much later times. It is apparent that at late times several emission components are present. We find no strong evidence of the proposed shock break-out in our data.
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