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Paper: The X-ray Spectra from the Shock and the White Dwarf: Two Laboratories in one Spectrum
Volume: 401, RS Ophiuchi (2006) and the Recurrent Nova Phenomenon
Page: 274
Authors: Ness, J.-U.; Starrfield, S.; van Rossum, D.R.; Schö nrich, R.A.
Abstract: The dense coverage of X-ray observations with Swift was accompanied by ten Chandra and XMM-Newton observations with higher spectral resolution. The contributions from the hot white dwarf atmosphere (Super Soft Source spectrum: SSS) and from the radiatively cooling shock (thermal spectrum) can be separated, but emission lines from the shock may contaminate the SSS spectrum. We present preliminary static white dwarf atmosphere models which need to be adjusted for abundance variations for better agreement with the observed SSS spectra, and which also have to be compared to dynamic models. We present continuum models for the shock spectra using single-temperature models where we excluded the emission lines from the fit.
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