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Paper: A Remarkable Comet and Other Astronomical Objects in the Brazilian Art Rock
Volume: 409, Cosmology Across Cultures
Page: 297
Authors: de F. Mourã o, R.R.
Abstract: In the studies that we have made during the two expeditions to the archaelogical area of Central northwest of the state of Bahia, Brazil, I have the chance to discover in the rock art representations a remarkable comet and other astronomical objects and to verify that the men that had lived at those sites, had an important notions about how to use the stars and planets on their behalf for the day-by-day life. They used to know the starry sky as much as they used the Sun as a mean of guidance, using also the changes of aspect of our satellite all along of a lunation as one of their main time markers. There are vestiges that the primitive societies used the Sun, the Moon and constellations and even sometimes, a very shining star, like Sirius, Regulus, etc., or even opened starring agglomerated, like the Pleiades, as an element of guidance and/or of time score. Some stars and planets, the same way as the Pleiades among the Brazilian Indians, constituted authentic seasonal marking references.
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