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Paper: The Collaborations between the Italian Society for Archaeoastronomy and the Archaeological Superintendences
Volume: 409, Cosmology Across Cultures
Page: 494
Authors: Antonello, E.
Abstract: There is an increasing interest of the italian Soprintendenze Archeologiche (Archaeological Superintendences) in the collaboration with the Italian Society for Archaeoastronomy for the study of characteristics such as alignments of archaeological remains and sky representations in finds. The Superintendences are the scientific and operational structures of the italian Ministry for Culture and Cultural Heritage, responsible for the study and preservation of archaeological sites on local and regional scale. On the one hand, archaeologists appear increasingly sensitive to the astronomical aspects of the archaeological remains, but on the other hand, more resources and professional scholars are needed in order to satisfy their requests. Archaeoastronomical projects in collaboration with several Archaeological Superintendences, covering a period from the late Neolithic to the late Roman Empire, are briefly described.
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