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Paper: Formation of Amorphous H2O Ice from the Reactions of Cold H Atoms with Solid O2 at 10 K
Volume: 414, Cosmic Dust—Near and Far
Page: 338
Authors: Kouchi, A.; Watanabe, N.; Hidaka, H.; Miyauchi, N.; Oba, Y.; Chigai, T.
Abstract: To discuss the formation of water molecule by surface atomic reactions involving H and O atoms in molecular clouds, the reaction of cold H atoms with solid O2 molecules were investigated experimentally at 10 K. We found using in-situ infrared spectroscopy that the reaction proceeds very efficiently to produce H2O. Based on the reaction rates obtained, we discuss the reaction mechanisms. Furthermore, we clarified that the structure of water ice produced is amorphous, which is consistent with the astronomical observation.
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