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Paper: Spitzer Mid-Infrared Spectra of Cool-Core Galaxy Clusters
Volume: 423, Galaxy Wars: Star Formation and Stellar Populations in Interacting Galaxies
Page: 105
Authors: de Messières, G. E.; O’Connell, R. W.; McNamara, B. R.; Donahue, M.; Nulsen, P. E. J.; Voit, G. M.; Wise, M. W.
Abstract: We have obtained mid-infrared spectra of nine cool-core galaxy clusters with the Infrared Spectrograph aboard the Spitzer Space Telescope. X-ray, ultraviolet and optical observations have demonstrated that each of these clusters hosts a cooling flow which seems to be fueling vigorous star formation in the brightest cluster galaxy. Our goal is to use the advantages of the mid-infrared band to improve estimates of star formation. Our spectra are characterized by diverse morphologies ranging from classic starbursts to flat spectra with surprisingly weak dust features. Although most of our sample are known from optical/UV data to be active star-formers, they lack the expected strong mid-infrared continuum. Star formation may be proceeding in unusually dust-deficient circum-galactic environments such as the interface between the cooling flow and the relativistic jets from the active galactic nucleus.
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