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Paper: The Delta Scuti Star 44 Tauri
Volume: 349, Astrophysics of Variable Stars
Page: 181
Authors: Antoci, V.; Breger, M.; Bischof, K.; Garrido, R.
Abstract: The Delta Scuti star 44 Tau was the target of an observational campaign spread over three years. Data were collected at two different observatories in the Stroemgren v and y filters. We present our data analysis and show that 44 Tau oscillates with at least 13 independent frequencies. Amplitude variations were detected and a close frequency pair was found. An explanation in terms of rotational splitting is very improbable. Two oscillation modes were identified as the radial fundamental mode and the first radial overtone, respectively. In addition, we discuss the low v sin i value of 6.8 km s−1.
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