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Paper: Do Radiative Forces in β Cephei Stars Have an Effect on the Excitation of their Pulsations?
Volume: 349, Astrophysics of Variable Stars
Page: 201
Authors: Bourge, P.-O.; Alecian, G.
Abstract: We explore whether the stratification of abundances due to radiatively-driven diffusion in fi Cephei stars has an effect on the excitation of their pulsations. Indeed this effect has been raised as a possible explanation to account for excitation of the oscillation modes of the β Cephei star ν Eri. We compute radiative accelerations with the routines from OPCD on a 10 MSolar stellar model. Assuming a linear evolution with time of the abundances, we evolve the stellar model using our stellar evolution code CLES and we use the nonadiabatic oscillation code MAD to determine the excitation of the modes. The first results show that microscopic diffusion of iron occurs in a region situated just above the opacity bump of the iron group elements. The position of the star in the HR diagram and the spectrum of eigen frequencies do not change significantly. However it induces accumulation of iron near the opacity bump, i.e. in the excitation zone, which is therefore likely to have a great incidence on the pulsations.
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