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Paper: ARISTARCHOS Instrumentation: Meaburn Filter Measuring Spectrometer (MFMS)
Volume: 424, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the Hellenic Astronomical Society
Page: 424
Authors: Boumis, P.; Xilouris, E. M.; Giannakis, O.; Maroussis, A.; Katsiyannis, A.
Abstract: The Meaburn Filter Measuring Spectrometer (MFMS) is an optical system which has been designed and manufactured specifically to measure the filter’s performance (especially the interference ones) to be used for imaging or spectroscopic observations with optical telescopes. In particular, MFMS measures the filter’s bandwidth and provides information on the filter’s behavior. The result is the filter’s transmission curve (λ = f(θ); variation of peak transmission wavelength with incidence angle). This spectrometer has been used successfully for many years at the University of Manchester’s Astronomy Dept. Optical lab and in 2008 was moved to I.A.A.’s Optical lab in Penteli (Athens). Within 2009, MFMS restarted its operation after an optical and electronic upgrade to its system.
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