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Paper: The Nature of Ionized Gas in Early-type Galaxies
Volume: 421, Galaxies in Isolation: Exploring Nature Versus Nurture
Page: 77
Authors: Annibali, F.; Bressan, A.; Rampazzo, R.; Zeilinger, W. W.
Abstract: We present a study of the ionized gas in a sample of 65 nearby early-type galaxies, for which we have acquired optical intermediate-resolution spectra. Emission lines are detected in ∼ 89% of the sample. The incidence of emission appears independent from the E or S0 morphological classes. According to classical diagnostic diagrams, the majority of the galaxies are LINERs. However, the galaxies tend to move toward the “Composites” region (at lower [NII]λ6584/Hα values) as the emission lines are measured at larger galacto-centric distances. This suggests that different ionization mechanisms may be at work in LINERs.
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