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Paper: D/H along the line of sight of REJ1738+665
Volume: 348, Astrophysics in the Far Ultraviolet: Five Years of Discovery with FUSE
Page: 76
Authors: Dupuis, J.; Hebrard, G.; Oliveira, C.M.; Moos, H.W.; Sonnentrucker, P.
Abstract: REJ1738+665, one of the hottest DA stars known (Teff ∼ 76000K, log g ∼ 7.85), samples a line of sight (l = 96.89 °, b = 31.95 °) in the nearby ISM over a path-length of about 240 pc. Its FUSE spectrum is rich in interstellar features (H I, H2, D I, C II, N I, N II, O I, Si II, P II, Ar I, and Fe II) and offers us another opportunity to probe the D/H ratio outside of the Local Bubble. We present a determination of the column density of D I based on the analysis of Ly κ, Ly η, Ly ε ; and Ly δ ; using both profile fitting and curve of growth techniques. A detailed analysis of the molecular hydrogen lines is carried out simultaneously as some are blended with deuterium lines and will therefore affect the column density measurements. We determine N(H I) along this sight line using archival STIS E140M data in conjunction with a NLTE model atmosphere, used to define the stellar continuum. Our preliminary analysis indicates that the D/H ratio along this sight line is somewhat larger than the D/H ratio observed within the Local Bubble.
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