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Paper: Theoretical VO Services at VO-Paris Data Centre
Volume: 434, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX
Page: 183
Authors: Petit, F. L.; Bourges, L.; Roy, F.; Alimi, J.; Rasera, Y.; Ooghe, B.; Moreau, N.; Hennebelle, P.; Normand, J.; Savalle, R.
Abstract: The Virtual Observatory provides sets of tools and standards to develop interoperable services. Today, these standards also cover theoretical services. We present here three theoretical VO services developed at VO-Paris Data Centre: the PDR services that aims to facilitate the interpretation of observations in molecular interstellar clouds, the STARFORMAT project that will provide MHD simulations of dense cores collapses and the DEUVO project that will publish large scale simulations to study the imprint of dark energy models on cosmic structures.
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