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Paper: Small scale structure and high excitation in H2 gas from FUSE observations of HD 34078
Volume: 348, Astrophysics in the Far Ultraviolet: Five Years of Discovery with FUSE
Page: 427
Authors: Boisse, P.; Le Petit, F.; Rollinde, E.; Hilly-Blant, P.; Pineau des Forets, G.; Roueff, E.; Andersson, B.-G.; Gry, C.
Abstract: We present multi-epoch FUSE observations of the reddened runaway star AE Aur (HD 34078) performed between 2000 and 2004 as well as complementary CO emission IRAM data. The implications of these observations on the origin of the large amount of highly excited H2 gas detected and on the small scale structure in translucent molecular clouds are discussed.
Our data support the scenario proposed by Herbig (1958) in which HD 34078 has encountered a molecular cloud very recently. We suggest that because of pronounced time-dependent effects, most of this cloud is still unaffected by the interaction in spite of the close association. Then, HD 34078 might in the end be, at the same time, a suitable probe of small scale structure and a unique target to investigate time-dependent effects in a O star - molecular cloud interaction.
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