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Paper: Fluorescent Molecular Hydrogen in IC 63
Volume: 348, Astrophysics in the Far Ultraviolet: Five Years of Discovery with FUSE
Page: 436
Authors: France, K.; Andersson, B.-G.; McCandliss, S.R.
Abstract: We present FUSE observations of fluorescent molecular hydrogen in IC 63, an emission/reflection nebula illuminated by γ-Cas, a B0IV star 1.3 pc from the nebula. IC 63 was the first reflection nebula in which molecular hydrogen emission was detected in both the mid-UV (IUE-SWP band) and far-UV (FUSE, ORFEUS bands). We present nebular spectra of three positions in IC 63, obtained in the MDRS aperture in 2001 September. Molecular hydrogen is detected at all three locations, but the line strengths and scattered light contributions are seen to vary with position. We use this data to test models of the fluorescent excitation and emission process. These models have historically overrpredicted the absolute flux of the far-UV emission from IC 63.
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