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Paper: Future Instrumentation to Observe the Galactic Center—Development of Astronomical Instrumentation at the University of Cologne
Volume: 439, The Galactic Center: a Window to the Nuclear Environment of Disk Galaxies
Page: 281
Authors: Straubmeier, C.; Araujo-Hauck, C.; Eckart, A.; Fischer, S.; García-Marín, M.; Horrobin, M.; Lindhorst, B.; Rost, S.; Tremou, E.; Wank, I.; Wiest, M.; Zuther, J.
Abstract: The 1. Physikalische Institut of the University of Cologne is a very active player in the development of new astronomical NIR/MIR instrumentation for observations of the Galactic Center. In this paper we present a brief overview of our contributions to these projects, emphasizing their prospects for scientific studies of the Center of the Milky Way and SgrA*.
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