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Paper: The Very High Energy γ-ray View of the Galactic Centre as of Early 2010
Volume: 439, The Galactic Center: a Window to the Nuclear Environment of Disk Galaxies
Page: 408
Authors: van Eldik, C. (H.E.S.S. Collaboration)
Abstract: Progress in the Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Technique has enabled first sensitive observations of the innermost few 100 pc of the Milky Way in Very High Energy (VHE; > 100 GeV) γ-rays. Observations by the H.E.S.S. instrument deliver the at date most precise data on this peculiar region, and provide an interesting view onto the acceleration and propagation of energetic particles near the Galactic Centre. Besides two point-like sources – one coincident with the supermassive black hole (SMBH) Sgr A* – diffuse VHE emission has been discovered within a 1° region around the center. The current VHE γ-ray view of the region is reviewed, and possible counterparts of the γ-ray sources and the origin of the diffuse emission are discussed.
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