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Paper: ChIPS - CIAO's New Visualization Plotting Package
Volume: 351, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV
Page: 57
Authors: Germain, G.; Milaszewski, R.; McLaughlin, W.; Miller, J.; Evans, J.D.; Evans, I.; Burke, D.
Abstract: The Chandra Imaging and Plotting System (ChIPS) is the visualization package for CIAO - Chandra Interactive Analysis of Observations. The CIAO4 release will include a new, substantially more powerful version of ChIPS which can be used for both data analysis and to prepare high quality plots for scientific publications. To achieve this, the entire ChIPS package was completely redesigned. ChIPS contains all the capabilities of previous versions, but was built around a new plotting engine, and its architecture allows easy upgrade and expansion. This paper describes the ChIPS architecture, its new capabilities, and greater flexibility.
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