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Paper: From Handicraft to Industry: Supporting Surveys at ESO Telescopes
Volume: 351, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV
Page: 116
Authors: Chavan, A.M.; Comeron, F.; Peron, M.; Canavan, T.; Dorigo, D.; Nunes, P.
Abstract: The ESO observatory at Cerro Paranal will host two new telescopes dedicated to survey-type observations. While surveys have already been conducted with existing ESO facilities, the features of the new ESO Survey Telescopes are a challenge for the Observatory's users and operations teams as well, in terms of number of observations and data rate. A set of software tools are being developed to help astronomers define the observation strategy and sequencing, while observatory staff are given assistance in managing and executing projects including hundreds or thousands of observations, and producing highly homogeneous datasets. This paper presents the extensions to ESO's 'Phase II' tools that will be implemented in the context of survey support, and discusses some of the challenges faced by software developers when problem sizes scale up one or more orders of magnitude.
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