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Paper: Wavelet-Based Image Deconvolution for Wide Field CCD Imagery
Volume: 351, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV
Page: 153
Authors: Merino, M.T.; Fors, O.; Otazu, X.; Cardinal, R.; Nunez, J.; Hildebrand, A.R.
Abstract: We show how a wavelet-based image adaptive deconvolution algorithm can provide significant improvements in the analysis of wide-field CCD images. To illustrate it, we apply our deconvolution protocol to a set of images from a Baker-Nunn telescope. This f/1 instrument has an outstanding field of view of 4.4°x4.4° with high optical quality offering unique properties to study our deconvolution process and results. In particular, we obtain an estimated gain in limiting magnitude of ΔR∼0.6 mag and in limiting resolution of Δρ∼3.9″. These results increase the number of targets and the efficiency of the underlying scientific project.
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