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Paper: Adapting NBODY4 with a GRAPE-6a Supercomputer for Web Access, Using NBodyLab
Volume: 351, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV
Page: 165
Authors: Johnson, V.; Aarseth, S.
Abstract: A demonstration site has been developed by the authors that enables researchers and students to experiment with the capabilities and performance of NBODY4 running on a GRAPE-6a over the web.
NBODY4 is a sophisticated open-source N-body code for high accuracy simulations of dense stellar systems (Aarseth 2003). In 2004, NBODY4 was successfully tested with a GRAPE-6a, yielding an unprecedented low-cost tool for astrophysical research.
The GRAPE-6a is a supercomputer card developed by astrophysicists to accelerate high accuracy N-body simulations with a cluster or a desktop PC (Fukushige et al. 2005, Makino & Taiji 1998). The GRAPE-6a card became commercially available in 2004, runs at 125 Gflops peak, has a standard PCI interface and costs less than $10,000.
Researchers running the widely used NBODY6 (which does not require GRAPE hardware) can compare their own PC or laptop performance with simulations run on Such comparisons may help justify acquisition of a GRAPE-6a. For workgroups such as university physics or astronomy departments, the demonstration site may be replicated or serve as a model for a shared computing resource. The site was constructed using an NBodyLab server-side framework.
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