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Paper: The Effects of System Interactions to the Natural Evolution of U Gem within the Context of X-Ray Data Analysis
Volume: 447, Evolution of Compact Binaries
Page: 277
Authors: Altan, M.; Ayyildiz, O.; Hamza, C.; Utku Kartal, S.; Turker Özkan, M.
Abstract: In this study, we have undertaken an analysis of Chandra data of the dwarf nova type cataclysmic variable U Gem during quiescence and outburst. The data of U Gem, number 647 and 3767, which were obtained by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory on November 29, 2000 and December 26, 2002 were analysed in terms of flux matching and spectra overlapping. The evolution of the X-ray spectrum variation at very short periods was investigated. We discuss how situations that result from interaction are affected by the natural evolution of the system's attributes.
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