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Paper: Evolution of the NIR Morphologies of Disk Galaxies since z∼1: A ‘Glance' into GOODS-South with HST-WFC3
Volume: 446, Galaxy Evolution: Infrared to Millimeter Wavelength Perspective
Page: 297
Authors: Azzollini, R.; Trujillo, I.; Conselice, C. J.
Abstract: Hereby we present an exploratory study of the surface brightness radial profiles (μ–r profiles hereafter) of massive (M∼>109.5 M) disk galaxies in the redshift range 0 ∼< z ∼< 1. We use recently acquired images from HST-WFC3 in the H160 band, and archive data from SDSS-DR7, to trace the rest-frame z' band at all redshifts. The comparison of average μ–r profiles, obtained from images with their spatial resolutions equaled, show no significant change in the explored range of redshifts, i. e. in the last ∼8 Gyr of cosmic time. The stellar surface density seems to be comparable, at equal fractions of the effective radius, and there is no evidence for the growth in relevance of bulges. At least not at the simulated resolution, which is 1.5 kpc (fwhm).
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