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Paper: Exoplanet Spectroscopy: The Hubble Case
Volume: 450, Molecules in the Atmospheres of Extrasolar Planets
Page: 63
Authors: Deroo, P.; Swain, M.; Vasisht, G.; Chen, P.; Tinetti, G.; Bouwman, J.; Angerhausen, D.; Yung, Y.
Abstract: The Hubble Space Telescope has recently emerged as the first telescope to detect molecular signatures in an exoplanet via infrared spectroscopy. Molecular spectroscopy of exoplanets is demanding and requires an accurate determination and removal of the instrument systematics. Here we report on our effort to extract accurate exoplanet spectra from NICMOS spectrophotometry. We developed a standardized and highly automated pipeline to remove instrument systematics based on our previous results. We tested the pipeline and find excellent agreement with observation specific implementations. The process of decorrelating instrument parameters from the measured time series is well understood, stable and guarantees reproducible results.
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