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Paper: Magnetic Fields in An Isolated Rotating Massive Dense Clump
Volume: 449, Astronomical Polarimetry 2008: Science from Small to Large Telescopes
Page: 111
Authors: Shinnaga, H.; Dowell, C. D.; Vaillancourt, J.; Phillips, T. G.; Attard, M.; Hildebrand, R.; Houde, M.; Kirby, L.; Krejny, M.; Leeuw, L.; Li, H.; Novak, G.; Davidson, J.
Abstract: We measured polarized dust emission at 350 μm towards an isolated rotating massive dense clump using the SHARC II Polarimeter, SHARP, with the 10.4 meter Leighton telescope at the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory. The rotating (2 km s-1pc-1) massive (200 M) dense clump hosts the early B-type (proto)star, IRAS 20126+4104, at the center of the clump. We present the magnetic field structures in the massive dense clump measured at submillimeter wavelengths and discuss the relations with the physical properties of the clump including rotation, infall, and outflow.
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