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Paper: Searching for Ultra-cool Objects at the Limits of Large-scale Surveys
Volume: 448, 16th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun
Page: 379
Authors: Pinfield, D. J.; Patel, K.; Zhang, Z.; Gomes, J.; Burningham, B.; Day-Jones, A. C.; Jenkins, J.
Abstract: We have made a search (to Y=19.6) of the UKIDSS Large Area Survey (LAS DR7) for objects detected only in the Y-band. We have identified and removed contamination due to solar system objects, dust specs in the WFCAM optical path, persistence in the WFCAM detectors, and other sources of spurious single source Y-detections in the UKIDSS LAS data-base. In addition to our automated selection procedure we have visually inspected the ∼600 automatically selected candidates to provide an additional level of quality filtering. This has resulted in 55 good candidates that await follow-up observations to confirm their nature. Ultra-cool LAS Y-only objects would have blue Y-J colours combined with very red optical-NIR SEDs - characteristics shared by Jupiter, and suggested by an extrapolation of the Y-J colour trend seen for the latest T dwarfs currently known.
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