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Paper: The Disks, Envelopes, Jets and Environment of PDS 144: A Wide Herbig Ae Binary
Volume: 448, 16th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun
Page: 655
Authors: Hornbeck, J.; Grady, C. A.; Hamaguchi, K.; Williger, G. M.; Perrin, M.; Grogin, N.; Wisniewski, J.; Brown, A.; Woodgate, B.; Petre, R.; Daly, B.; Arraki, K.
Abstract: We present the results of an on-going pan-chromatic investigation of PDS 144, which has an A0V Herbig Ae star viewed at 83° inclination as its northern member (Perrin et al. 2006), and an A5V southern member. While the northern star clearly showed a disk in HST and Keck direct imagery, no such disk was apparent for PDS 144S, despite the presence of an IR excess. Recent USNO proper motion data suggested that the stars were not co-moving. We test this hypothesis with second-epoch HST/ACS optical imagery, and detect the disk of PDS 144S in the optical and UV after PSF subtraction. We also place limits on the X-ray properties of both PDS 144 stars with Chandra ACIS/S imagery.
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