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Paper: Search of Distant Radio Galaxies as a Subject Mediator Example
Volume: 351, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV
Page: 244
Authors: Zhelenkova, O.; Vitkovskij, V.V.; Briukhov, D.; Kalinichenko, L.A.
Abstract: We try to resolve the problem of the efficient integrated representation of multiple astronomical resources by creating mediators that support the interactions between a researcher and relevant data sources and services through a subject domain description for a class of tasks. The Big Trio project is carried out in SAO RAS headed by the academician Parijskij Yu. N. The main goal of the project is to analyze radio sources within the sky strip obtained in the “Cold” deep survey with the RATAN-600 in 1980 in order to get maximal information about them. Using different radio source lists and catalogs, distant galaxy candidates are selected using a number of radio source parameters. An application of a subject mediator is described in this paper.
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