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Paper: Detection of transit events during CoRoT operations
Volume: 351, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV
Page: 307
Authors: Quentin, C.; Cautain, R.; Barge, P.
Abstract: CoRoT, scheduled for launch in September 2006, should be the first mission to detect planetary transits from space. A method is proposed for detection in short data sets, based on a 1D-morphological filter and on one by one processing. The signal is processed using four modules separately applied to each light curve: (i) denoising with a nonlinear filter based on the morphological approach, (ii) detection of transitlike features, (iii) sorting out of these features into possible events or noise, (iv) exploration of possible periodicities among the suspected events. For each light curve an index estimating the confidence level in the detection is determined. This index is used to sort all the light-curves in a list. Our algorithm is not time consuming and could be easily implemented for real-time analysis.
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