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Paper: Hubble's Early Release Observations Student Pilot Project: Implementing Formal and Informal Collaborations
Volume: 457, Connecting People to Science
Page: 229
Authors: Eisenhamer, B.; Ryer, H.; McCallister, D.
Abstract: The Hubble Space Telescope's Early Release Observations (EROs) were revealed to the public on September 9, 2009, and K–12 students and educators in five states across the country were able to join the celebration. To date, students and educators in Maryland, Ohio, New York, California, and Florida have participated in the Hubble Space Telescope's ERO Pilot Project. This is an interdisciplinary project created by the Space Telecope Science Institute's (STScI) Office of Public Outreach in which students use skills from subject areas such as language arts, science, art, and technology to research the four ERO objects and create compositions. In recognition of their participation, the students' compositions are displayed at host institutions in each state (a museum, science center, school, planetarium or library) during a special public event for participating students, their families, and teachers. As part of its evaluation program, STScI's Office of Public Outreach has been conducting an evaluation of the project to determine the viability and potential of conducting large-scale, formal/informal collaborative projects in the future and to share lessons learned. Lessons learned will be applied to a new interdisciplinary project, the James Webb Space Telescope Student Innovation Project.
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