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Paper: Spicule Dynamics over Plage Region
Volume: 454, The 3rd Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 91
Authors: Anan, T.; Kitai, R.; Hillier, A.; Kawate, T.; Ichimoto, K.; Shibata, K.
Abstract: We have studied spicular jets over a plage region and derived their dynamic characteristics using Hinode Solar Optical Telescope (SOT) high-resolution Ca II H images. We have identified 169 spicules over the target plage. This sample size permits us to derive statistically reliable results regarding spicular dynamics. The properties of plage spicules can be summarized as follows: (1) In a plage area, we clearly identify spicular jet features. (2) They are shorter in length than the quiet-region limb spicules, and follow ballistic motion under constant deceleration. (3) The majority (80%) of the plage spicules show a full rise and retreat (which we call ‘parabolic’ spicules), while 10% of them fade out without a complete retreat phase(which we call ‘fade out’ spicules). (4) The deceleration of the spicule is proportional to the velocity of ejection (i.e. the initial velocity).
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