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Paper: Diagnostics of Non-Thermal Distribution from RESIK and RHESSI Flare Spectra
Volume: 454, The 3rd Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 329
Authors: Kulinová, A.; Kašparová, J.; Dzifčáková, E.; Sylwester, J.; Sylwester, B.
Abstract: Solar flare spectra observed by the X-ray spectrometers RESIK and RHESSI with high energy resolution enabled us to analyse possible non-thermality of plasma electron distribution in the keV range. For RESIK diagnostics (in the 2-4 keV range) we assumed that the bulk of the plasma is represented by the so-called n-distribution, which describes the deviations from the Maxwellian distribution by two parameters: n and T. Using thick-target approximation for RHESSI spectral analysis, we obtained characteristics of injected electron power-law distribution in the deka-keV range. The event presented here shows a very good time correlation of non-thermality obtained from the RESIK spectra with appearance of non-thermal component in RHESSI and/or radio spectra. However, a thermal component was still present in RHESSI. Both spectral and imaging information in RHESSI soft and hard X-ray ranges were used for the estimation of the ratio of thermal to non-thermal electron densities of the X-ray emitting plasma.
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