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Paper: The Recent Development of the 1-meter Yunnan Solar Telescope System at the FuXian Lake
Volume: 454, The 3rd Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 463
Authors: Liu, Y.; Xu, Z.; YNST Team
Abstract: YNST (Yunnan Solar telescope) is a large solar instrument with a pure aperture of 980mm. It was designed for obtaining high-precision measurement for the solar magnetic field and atmospheric dynamic process. YNST is being installed at the Fuxian Lake in Yunnan, China. The solar observation tower includes two vertical multi-wavelength spectrographs and one Fabry-Perot interferometer system working in the 0.3 – 2.5 micron spectral range. The two spectrographs will supply high-resolution spectral data with short exposure time and a large field of view (180″×180″), as well as the ability to work in polarized light.
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