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Paper: The Development of the Heterogenic Geographical Distributed System for the Celestial Object Monitoring
Volume: 351, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV
Page: 387
Authors: Vitkovskij, V.V.; Zhelenkova, O.; Kalinina, N.; Chernenkov, V.; Shergin, V.
Abstract: There is no principal difference between data stored in an archive and data received from a telescope or data computed from a numerical experiment. There is no big difference between the real science experimenters and science students. There are small differences, in the collaboration sense, between the live association of investigators and the virtual one. Therefore the VO would be including not only data collections and software, but the experimental complexes, the education/ training features and the virtual community. The creation of geographical distributed system that unites small and medium size telescopes for Russia is an unique possibility to improve the astronomical research at the high worldwide level. The variable and transient objects monitoring is requesting the long range longitude/latitude observations network.
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