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Paper: Detailed Study of the Internal Structure of a Red-giant Star Observed with Kepler
Volume: 462, Progress in Solar/Stellar Physics with Helio- and Asteroseismology
Page: 146
Authors: Di Mauro, M. P.; Ventura, R.; Cardini, D.; Catanzaro, G.; Barban, C.; Bedding, T. R.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; De Ridder, J.; Hekker, S.; Huber, D.; Kallinger, T.; Kinemuchi, K.; Kjeldsen, H.; Miglio, A.; Montalbán, J.; Mosser, B.; Mullally, F.; Stello, D.; Still, M.; Uytterhoeven, K.
Abstract: We study the internal structure and evolutionary state of KIC 4351319, a red-giant star observed with the Kepler satellite. The use of 25 individual oscillation frequencies, together with the accurate atmospheric data provided by ground-based spectroscopic observations, allowed us to estimate the main parameters of this star with a level of precision without precedents for a red giant. In addition, the excellent quality of the observations enabled us to define the location of the base of the convective envelope and to learn about the internal rotation, the helium abundance, the surface effects and extra mixing effects such as diffusion and overshooting.
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