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Paper: The Internal Rotation of the GW Vir Star PG 0112+200 through the Eyes of Asteroseismology
Volume: 462, Progress in Solar/Stellar Physics with Helio- and Asteroseismology
Page: 176
Authors: Córsico, A. H.; Althaus, L. G.; Kawaler, S. D.; Miller Bertolami, M. M.; García-Berro, E.
Abstract: We investigate the internal rotation profile of the GW Vir (PG1159-type) star PG 0122+200 by employing an asteroseismological model that closely reproduces the observed periods of this star. We adopt a forward approach and two inversion methods based on the rotational splitting of the pulsation frequencies to explore the properties of the rotation of PG 0122+200. We found evidence for differential rotation in this star.
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