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Paper: Detecting the Magnetic Field in the Fast Rotating Pulsator ζ Ophiuchi
Volume: 462, Progress in Solar/Stellar Physics with Helio- and Asteroseismology
Page: 314
Authors: Hubrig, S.; Oskinova, L. M.; Schöller, M.
Abstract: ζ Ophiuchi has been extremely well studied in all wavelength ranges, from the X-ray by all major X-ray satellites (with the exception of XMM-Newton) to the infrared region with Spitzer. Recent spectropolarimetric observations with FORS 1/2 mounted on the 8-m Kueyen telescope of the VLT revealed the presence of a weak magnetic field of the order of 100–150 G. The X-ray properties of ζ Oph are reviewed with the aim of understanding whether the X-ray emission of ζ Oph is dominated by magnetic or by wind instability processes.
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