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Paper: The roAp Star with the Strongest Magnetic Field: Characterizing HD 154708
Volume: 462, Progress in Solar/Stellar Physics with Helio- and Asteroseismology
Page: 318
Authors: Hubrig, S.; Kurtz, D. W.; Schöller, M.; Wolff, B.; Elkin, V. G.; Mathys, G.
Abstract: The rapidly oscillating Ap (roAp) stars with very strong magnetic fields are of special interest because the effect of the magnetic field on the structure of their atmospheres can be studied with the greatest detail and accuracy. The cool roAp star HD 154708 possesses the strongest magnetic field among the roAp stars, with a mean magnetic field modulus 〈B〉 = 24.5 ± 1.0 kG, which is about a factor of three greater than that of HD 166473, 〈B〉 ∼ 5.5–9.0 kG, the roAp star with the second-strongest magnetic field.
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