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Paper: The Physics of Pulsating White Dwarf Stars
Volume: 462, Progress in Solar/Stellar Physics with Helio- and Asteroseismology
Page: 477
Authors: Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Charpinet, S.; Dufour, P.; Quirion, P.-O.; Randall, S. K.; Van Grootel, V.
Abstract: We present a summary of the properties of white dwarf stars, beginning with a brief reminder of their basic characteristics. We continue with a discussion of the spectral types, evolution, and other properties of cooling white dwarfs, with an emphasis on the internal physics. We then introduce the pulsating white dwarfs and provide an updated view of their status. We finally discuss the impact (real and potential) of asteroseismology on our knowledge of degenerate stars.
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