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Paper: TESELA: A New Virtual Observatory Tool to Determine Blank Fields
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 173
Authors: Cardiel, N.; Jiménez-Esteban, F. M.; Alacid, J. M.; Solano, E.; Aberasturi, M.
Abstract: To point a telescope to a sky region devoid of bright stars is a typical procedure when obtaining calibration images for astronomical observations. To date, no systematic catalogue is available providing the location in the sky of blank fields for varying limiting magnitudes. In this work we describe a method that helps to determine the availability of blank fields in any region of the celestial sphere, based on the use of the Delaunay triangulation. In addition, we present TESELA, a Virtual Observatory tool which provides a simple interface that allows the user to retrieve the list of blank fields available near a given position in the sky.
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