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Paper: Status of VO-Theory Standards and Implementations at VO-Paris Data Centre
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 387
Authors: Languignon, D.; Petit, F. L.; Moreau, N.; Ooghe, B.; Zwölf, C. M.; Alimi, J.; Meliani, Z.; Hennebelle, P.; Rasera, Y.; Roy, F.
Abstract: Along with the new generation of instruments in astronomy, initiatives in the VO community have been focusing more and more on theoretical standards. Indeed, a scientific return of large observational facilities will only be possible if the community has access to state of the art simulation codes and simulation results. As a first step, the VO-Theory Interest Group at IVOA has developed a data model (SimDM) that can describe any kind of simulations for diffusion in a VO context. Current developments aim at extending the Theory architecture adding a semantic layer to enhance SimDM as well as a simulation data access layer to easily and universally access theoretical data. All is designed with interoperability in mind.
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