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Paper: Searching of New Emission-Line Stars using the Astroinformatics Approach
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 573
Authors: Škoda, P.; Vážný, J.
Abstract: Using data mining techniques applied on emission line characteristics of Be stars spectra we attempted to find new Be stars candidates in SDSS SEGUE survey. The mid-resolution spectra of confirmed Be stars obtained from VO-compatible archive of Ondřejov observatory 2m telescope were transformed to the spectral resolution of SDSS and important characteristics of emission line profiles were estimated, to be used as a training base of supervised learning methods. The obtained knowledge base of the characteristic shapes and sizes of Be emission lines was finally used to identify new potential candidates in SDSS spectral survey. The several newly found Be stars candidates justify our approach and approve Astroinformatics as a viable research methodology.
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