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Paper: Hyperspectral Imagers for the Study of Massive Star Nebulae
Volume: 465, Four Decades of Massive Star Research - A Scientific Meeting in Honor of Anthony J. Moffat
Page: 498
Authors: Drissen, L.; Alarie, A.; Martin, T.; SpIOMM/SITELLE Team
Abstract: We present two wide-field imaging Fourier transform spectrometers built by our team to study the interstellar medium around massive stars in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies. SpIOMM, attached to the Mont Mégantic 1.6-m telescope, is capable of obtaining the visible spectrum of every source of light in a 12 arcminute field of view, with a spectral resolution ranging from R = 1 (wide-band image) to R = 25 000, resulting in about a million spectra with a spatial resolution of one arcsecond. SITELLE will be a similar instrument attached to the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope, and will be in operation in early 2013. We illustrate SpIOMM's capabilities to study the interactions between massive stars and their environment.
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