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Paper: SIMBAD 4: a new Release with new Possibilities
Volume: 351, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV
Page: 703
Authors: Oberto, A.; Wenger, M.; Lejal, J.-P.; Jaehn, S.; Baranne, B.; Hatt, M.; Dellicour, O.; Deprez, J.
Abstract: After 15 years of exploitation, the SIMBAD software will switch to its 4th release. Developed with Java language and using the PostgreSQL DBMS, SIMBAD 4 will be launched in 2006.
Implemented on PCs running Linux, this new version will include new data, new features and new query possibilities, and will facilitate the integration of future additional requirements. SIMBAD 4 will be fully VO compliant, and will offer VOTable output, UCDs, and access through web services.
The current client package (simcli C library, used widely by many archives as a name resolver) will remain usable without even recompilation. Telnet/ssh access and mail queries will disappear, replaced by more powerful batch accesses. The functionalities of SIMBAD 4 and the future evolution possibilities are presented.
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