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Paper: The GOODS/FORS2 Spectroscopy Archive at ESO
Volume: 351, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV
Page: 707
Authors: Haase, J.; Kuntschner, H.; Rosati, P.; Vanzella, E.
Abstract: The FORS2 spectrograph at the ESO VLT was used to obtain spectra of a large sample of faint galaxies in the Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS) in the framework of the Great Observatories Origins Survey (GOODS). The observational campaign from 2002-2004 has so far yielded 1208 individual reduced spectra of 931 unique objects with magnitude z850 < 25.5 and red i-z colours. A total of 705 unique redshifts were determined. This proceeding presents the GOODS/FORS2 spectroscopy archive at ESO and describes the challenges encountered when assembling data for and publishing a modern day spectroscopic survey.
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