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Paper: The Maximum Mass of Differentially Rotating Neutron Stars
Volume: 466, Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars
Page: 229
Authors: Snopek, A. M.; Kucaba, M.; Gondek-Rosinska, D.; Kowalska, I., Villain, L.; Ansorg, M.
Abstract: We study the effect of differential rotation and of stiffness of equation of state (EOS) on the maximum allowed mass of neutron stars. We numerically construct stellar models using a highly accurate relativistic code which allow us to calculate rotating neutron stars for broad ranges of masses and degrees of differential rotation. We find various types of solutions, which haven't been considered in previous works based on other algorithms, mainly due to numerical limitations. We show that depending on the degree of differential rotation and the equation of state the maximum allowed mass of neutron stars can be 0.5–4 times larger than the corresponding non-rotating value. The largest maximum mass increases were obtained for moderately stiff EOS and new types of models.
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